Now, Will Fall On You

In the darkness of the testing ground,
I practiced, privately;
And hundreds after, training,
Practiced after me;

And in the burning -
Trammeled - by the fires angels sow,
We withstood those brothers
When Life, they would not know.

Our mangled spirits tracing
Wisdom's woven, patterned thread...
Who fathomed joy arising
From our ashen, ancient dread?

We, searching, raised redemptive eyes
Raked by lacerated sight,
To trued and deep perspectives,
Built on Truth and Light.

Now: Quiet, spied the footpath,
Of sunlit earth and grass,
As, sacred, shone its golden way...
Our mystic future and our past.

And, genuflected on one knee,
We, in homage, paid our dues,
For the strength bestowed upon us,
Which, now, comes, blessing you.

Now… it falls, on you.

© 2015, reprinted with author's permission

Genuflection was written by a mom who successfully resisted eleven legal attempts by her ex, who attempted to take custody from her and failed every time. It is dedicated to mothers everywhere, and we hope it is an inspiration to you.

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