Compassion in Action

Mothers defending and protecting the custody and safety of their children often incur legal expenses far beyond their means. They cannot provide common necessities of life for their sons and daughters, oftentimes because required legal fees must be paid first. You can help pay legal expenses for our mothers and children, and you can read about the ways your donations are applied by clicking here.

Mail. Donate by mail and print a receipt form or complete our fillable receipt for your records. (The fillable form is not active yet).

Donate Online. Our online section offers numerous ways to give: Network For Good, Just Give, Guidestar, Bank of America, Causes/Facebook, PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF) /eBay Giving Works /MissionFish, PayPal, GoodSearch, The I DO Foundation, Discover, American Express, credit cards reward points - and all of them help our families.

The Shops. Donate percentages of shopping sprees when visiting The Shops. We hope you will support us at Artisans of the Twelfth House, New Lift Walker, GoodShop/GoodSearch, Donation Street, The I DO Foundation, and other on-street and online merchants.

Artisans. Our Artisans list items in support of our cause. Ms. Carmen Ivory and Dancing Dog Mining Company of California are showcased and we hope you will support them.

Receipts. For every donation, complete our fillable receipt or print a receipt form for your records using the donate by mail section. (The fillable form is not active yet).