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The Custody Project

PO Box 20753
El Sobrante CA 94820-0753 USA

Tue-Thur, 10am-4pm CST
850.682.3460 CST [Info Line]

Fed. Tax ID #95-4521373

To reach us, or to set a telephone appointment, call Tuesday through Thursday, 10-4 CST, using 850.682.3460. Say your phone number twice, your message, time zone, state, and good times to reach you.

The telephone will ring when a volunteer is unable to answer call waiting and, when an OOE - Out of Office Event / Experience - is occurring, please leave your message. Although the corporate number is listed, please retry during the hours posted using only the Info Line (Central Standard Time, 850.682.3460). Thank you.

510.223.3432 [Corp]
Tue-Wed, 10am-4pm PST