The Custody Project files yearly with the IRS. Our Mission and Programs describe how we apportion our donations. Sometimes, IRS documentation may also be lodged with Guidestar's partner sites, Just Give and Network for Good, under Basic Information. Also, our IRS Determination Letters are found under our About Us drop-down menu but if the pdf or page will not open in Internet Explorer, just switch to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

To verify our financials with the IRS, click The Custody Project now, or go to, type 990N or 990-N in the search box near the top right, choose EO Select Check, scroll down to the Tax Exempt Organization Search Button and click it. On the next page, use the EIN Search Box to enter our number, 954521373, scroll down, click our name and see our deductibility code (PC) and our 990N yearly filings available for viewing. Click PC to verify that TCP is a Public Charity (PC) and to view the deductibility status and deductibility limitations for contributions to us. If you need help, IRS representatives can be reached @ 877.829.5500.

You can also find us on Guidestar. Although some of our information is published there periodically, Form 990-N information may not be available to Guidestar. Our assets, income, and revenue information may not be available either and may show as zero instead of unavailable or less than $50,000. Guidestar has explained that those who visit their site understand this discrepancy may occur to all listed nonprofits whose income is under $50,000. If you have questions, Guidestar (Candid) representatives can be reached @ 757.229.4631 and 800.421.8656.

Charity Navigator and CharityWatch generally rate nonprofits with minimum incomes of $1,000,000 (one million dollars) and, since our income is less, those searching will not find us rated on their sites. However, Charity Navigator does list charities registered with the IRS. To find us, type The Custody Project or 95-4521373 in its search box, click our name, and scroll down to read the information verifying our 501(c)(3) standing with the IRS. Although our assets, income, and revenue may be incorrectly listed at zero, please note that under Filing Requirement, our income is correctly less than $50,000 for the year. Like Guidestar (see paragraph above), Charity Navigator has explained that our assets, income, and revenue information may not be accessible to them and may show as zero instead of unavailable or less than $50,000. (CharityWatch @ 773.529.2300, Charity Navigator @ 201.818.1288).  

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