Business Ways to Give

Grant Awards

Corporations, foundations, businesses, and merchants offer grants to nonprofits whose work falls within their giving guidelines. Some bestow grants to those that their staff support, nominate, or volunteer with, some require the nonprofit to submit the request, and grant awards can be substantial. Please check into your company's possibilities for us, and let us know if we should contact your company directly. On behalf of the mothers and their children who will benefit from your remembrance, thank you.

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Corporate Giving

Corporations donating to worthy causes often give generously, especially when an employee nominates, supports, or volunteers with us. If you believe that The Custody Project falls within your corporation's charitable donor, volunteer, or employee giving guidelines, please contact us.

In this way, Target Stores and Wal-Mart Foundation donated $1500 and $1000, respectively, during FY 03-04, making a big difference in the lives of several families that year. Give Something Back gave $2496 in FY 02-03, Target Stores, $3500, and some years prior, Bank of America Foundation gave $2500. If our work falls within the giving guidelines of your corporation, please contact us.

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Company Donations

Merchants and businesses donate year-round to charities. Some answer because you ask and care, and typically give $25-$200 to worthy causes. Merchants donating can give by mail or immediately, using our online options. When requesting donations on our behalf, please contact us if you have questions.

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Matching Gifts

Double the power of your donations when your employers match you dollar for dollar. Some companies will match two or more dollars for every one you give; some will pay the administrative fees to the United Way so that TCP can receive 100% of your matching donations. Remember to let us know if your contributions are being matched by your employer, if any documents are needed from us, and to enclose the matching gift form with your gift to us. (Matching Gifts Program, Macy's Inc., @ 800.838.2063).

To ascertain whether your company offers matching gifts, you, your employer, or a charitable liason may be able to access Hep Data's comprehensive list of companies participating in matching gifts programs (800.681.4438). And, if you own a business or company, please consider offering this charitable program.

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Employee Grant Writing

Some corporations and businesses allow employees to fill out a short form and submit grant requests on behalf of nonprofits they support, nominate, or volunteer with. Please check into your company's possibilities for us.

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Employer Fund Drives

Some employers manage employee fund drives without the United Way and others allow employees to organize their own workplace fund drives. Raising funds through bake sales, charity balls, walk-a-thons, sports events, or in other ways of benefit to nonprofits, if this is the case where you work, please contact us and your employee representative to find out how you can help our mothers and children.

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Fundraisers [TCP's Annual Appeal, Belk, Special Benefits, Caravans]

Some of our fundraisers, below, can also be found in our You Can Help: Popular, Simple, Fancy, and Service sections.

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The Custody Project's Annual Appeal

The Custody Project conducts fundraisers yearly. One is our Annual Appeal, and we thank those who give and those giving regularly. If you and your company's employees would like to participate in and expand our annual drives to increase our services to mothers, please contact us.

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Belk Charity Sales. Belk Department Stores hold charity sales twice a year, in April / May and October / November on Saturdays. Pre-sell options a week prior allow you to shop and place items on hold until purchase the day of the sale. On Saturday, you must buy a $5 ticket to enter the store but you receive the $5 back with your first purchase; some stores let you buy as many tickets as wanted and apply them to most items store-wide. When you purchase tickets from The Custody Project prior to the sale, TCP receives each $5 in full as a charity donation. Tickets sold for these shopping events are a triple win for the shopper, the nonprofit, and Belk. Wherever you are in our country, you can help by purchasing your tickets from us.

If your company employees would like to take part, please contact us. Specify the amount enclosed for Belk Tickets when mailing donations, and we'll mail them to you. To verify the sale date and time, call Belk and then help us help others while you shop!

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Special Benefits

The Custody Project hosts events in support of our mothers and children. Usually, these are simple dinner benefits to forward our mission. Employees can help by attending, or by hosting local benefits in our honor and sending the donations to us. Whether a dinner, a bowling outing, or a different charity event, thank you for helping our families.

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Our long-time friends will remember that in the Summer of 2008, a nationwide Drive occurred to honor mothers relocating with their children and those affected by custody, visitation, and move away issues, to bring attention and support to their plight. To read more about it, visit our Events: Caravan 2008; on Facebook, log in, type tcp in the search box: it may come up if not archived.

The Custody Project is currently raising funds for a National Drive to demonstrate support for the plight of those affected by custody, visitation, and move away issues, to honor mothers relocating with their children, and to lift awareness for these voiceless families. TCP plans to build an intinerary of stops from San Francisco to Washington D.C., with speaking engagements, activities, and fundraisers along the way. To cover the costs of the Drive, through you, $2100 has been raised to date of the $3500 - $4000 targeted. The remaining $1900, the equivalent of 19 people donating $100 each, can be leveraged on The National Drive to generate sizable donations for our mothers and children. Our goal is to raise the $1900 by April 30, 2015, so that the journey can soon begin. Please help as you can, and give as you can. To participate, arrange a speaking engagement, activity, or fundraiser, sponsor our driver privately, or volunteer, contact us. To donate, please specify they are for The Drive and make checks payable to The Custody Project, use our Donate: Online / Mail Options, our Donate Now Buttons, or donate through Amazon or Indiegogo.

Indiegogo: The Drive for The Voiceless. We are raising funds for The National Drive, and for photographs, writings, and a short documentary to visually depict some of the difficulties these families experience. Donated pieces, including paintings, drawings, and quilts, especially from those affected, are welcome. Along The Drive, part of the collection donated may be sold to generate additional funding for our families and to support the next National Drive, while the rest remains to accompany future Drives. You can help by sharing our Drive with family and friends, spreading the word, and giving as you can on Indiegogo ( or, by donating on our website, by sending checks, and by indicating that your donations are For The Caravan, The Nationwide Drive, or The Visuals. To donate artistic items, please contact Donna @ 850.682.3460. Once The Custody Project has covered the cost of The Drive, the Indiegogo Campaign can cover the cost of the visuals.

Please visit our site's Donate: Online / Mail Options, Events: Come Join Us: Caravans, and You Can Help: Services: Wish List sections for additional information and, to sponsor our driver privately [not tax-deductible], see below.

Private Sponsorships. Although not deductible, private sponsorships and financial gifts permit us to swiftly set funds aside for Caravan expenses. To raise the $1900 faster (see above), you can sponsor our driver privately [not tax-deductible]. As we anticipate a national drive will generate far more donations for our mothers and their families, please make checks payable to Donna Signorelli for upcoming Drive expenses, and send c/o The Custody Project. The Board will oversee both tax-deductible donations and non-deductible gifts and ensure they are used to fully benefit the goals of The Custody Project. Please visit our You Can Help: Services: Wish List and Events: Come Join Us: Caravans for further information.

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Percentage of Sales of Merchandise

Some companies sell select items and donate a percentage of the proceeds to The Custody Project. If you are an employer who would like to do this, please visit our You Can Help: Fancy for more information and contact us.

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The Shops

Employees can help by shopping online and on-street merchants who are donating percentages of their sales to The Custody Project, including GoodShop, Donation Street, The I DO Foundation, Artisans of The Twelfth House, Dancing Dog Mining Company, and New Lift Walker at The Shops.

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Gift and Merchandise Certificates

Corporations and businesses sometimes donate gift and merchandise certificates. Since our scope is national, gift certificates usable anywhere in the USA, preferably with no expiration date from nationwide stores or for online shopping, are helpful when they can be used to buy food, clothing, or other necessities for mothers and their children wherever the families reside.

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Tax Write-Offs

The Custody Project is a 501(c)(3), charitable, tax-exempt, nonprofit organization, Fed. Tax ID #95-4521373. We thank you for your compassion, and for remembering our, often, desperate families. On behalf of the families you help, TCP is honored to be the recipient of your charitable donations, which are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

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